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PRIDE Silver Bangle

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Solid Sterling Silver PRIDE Bangle. Featuring the words PROUD TO BE OURSELVES and 11 hearts, each heart is hand painted with resin, representing the colours of the Pride flag.


This unique Pride bangle is made of solid sterling silver. It it laser engraved with the words PROUD TO BE OURSELVES and 11 hearts. The 11 hearts are hand painted with resin to represent the 11 colours that make up the Pride flag (shown below).

This piece is a real team effort:

  • Louise designed this unique bangle in our Design Studio 
  • Mark hand makes this bangle in our Workshop 
  • Stuart Laser engraves with PROUD TO BE OURSELVES and 11 hearts
  • Sam Individually hand paints resin hearts in our Design Studio
  • The Pride flag (shown above) is made up of 11 colours and each one of these is represented in this bangle with a resin filled heart
  • This bangle has a UK hallmark for sterling silver, and Honour Jewellery logo

We start with Mark hand making our 6.5mm wide solid silver bangle, this is a D shape – it is flat on the inside and gently cured on the outside. Louise designed this to display the words in capitals, reading vertically around the bangle (the text reads downwards).

Stuart laser engraves the words and the hearts with exacting precision. These are spaced evenly around the outside of the bangle. Then after a polish by Mark, Sam hand places 11 different colours of resin into each heart. These 11 colours make up the Pride flag.

The 11 colours in our bangle are:

  • Fiery Fusion – Red
  • Clementine Pop – Orange
  • Amalfi Lemon – Yellow
  • Dragons Gold – Green
  • Electric Blue – Dark Blue
  • Indian Silk – Purple
  • White Out – White
  • Candy Store – Pink
  • Hollywood Gaze – Light Blue
  • Vampire’s Wife – Brown
  • Moonkissed Nights – Black


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