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Modify Your Own Silver Ring to Hold Ashes or Hair or Fur with Glitter, Celebration and Memorial Silver Ring.


Hand placed ashes inside your own modified ring, with any colour of glitter that you like.  Choose a glitter from the drop down menu, and it will display on the top of the gallery.

Please upgrade your postage to Special Delivery if you are posting your own ring to us. (The kit comes with a return envelope and a second class stamp).

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Send us your own silver ring, or bring it into our Shaftesbury Design Studio. We will modify the setting so it can hold precious ashes or hair or fur in resin with any colour of glitter you like.

£155 is our starting price for this work, if your silver ring requires a lot of work to modify it, then it may cost more. If you would like to confirm the price for modifying your ring before ordering, please email Louise for a quote.

We can supply you with a bespoke silver ring if you would like us to, please email Louise and she can provide you with a quotation.

Janet had lost her beloved dog, she had a silver ring that she loved, it was very comfortable on her. The turquoise stone was a paste stone and the colour had faded. Janet asked us to remove the stone, and also for us to modify the setting to hold ashes and resin.

The first job is to remove the paste turquoise from its setting. We can also work with a ring where the stone has fallen out.

Every ring is modified by hand in our workshop especially for you, everybody’s inclusions are unique, and this makes each ring bespoke to you.

Janet needed the bottom of her setting filling in with silver so her resin had a base to sit on. Mark cut the shape out of silver sheet and soldered it into place.

This ring fitted Janet perfectly, if your ring doesn’t fit we can size it for you at this stage of the process. – Please ask us to send you a finger gauge to measure with.

Mark cleaned and polished Janet’s silver ring, it was then time for Sam to respectfully hand place her dog’s ashes inside with Janet’s chosen colour and glitter.

Sam mixed the correct amount of clear resin with Janet’s chosen colour, she then hand placed her precious ashes over the top as inclusions. 

Janet wanted her dogs ashes to be ‘partially hidden’, – this means that we use the resin colour or glitter to make the ashes only slightly visible from the top. –

Please let us know your personal preference on this – we can clearly display them, partially hide them, or completely hide them from view.

Sam completed a final clear layer, and a varnish layer to finish this ring.

Each ring is left to cure for 7 days in our secure, dark and dust free safe.

If you would like to mix different colours of glitter together, please type this in the text box and we can do this for you.

Would you like us to post you a kit for sending your ashes to us? You can either send us your own ring with your ashes or hair or fur, alternatively you can drop both into our Design Studio.

Please tick the box if you would like a kit sent to you.  When your order is placed, we will post a kit out to you, please return this to us in the envelope supplied, then Sam will start working on your jewellery. 

If you decide to post your own ring, please upgrade your postage to Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Depending upon which type of inclusions you send to us, they may sink slightly (ashes) or float slightly (flowers) within the resin, we will do everything we can to evenly distribute your inclusions throughout your ring.

The resin that we use in our handmade jewellery is the best on the market. 

We feel that your precious inclusions, memories and love should be captured in the very best resin available. 

Our resin is made from materials that would otherwise enter landfill (as it’s a by-product of the oil industry). 

It is also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, earth friendly solvent-free, colour stable, non-flammable. 

The natural pigments that we use within the resin, to colour it, are made from natural minerals and EU approved for use in cosmetics.  The pigments are sourced from mines that ban child labour.

Every resin ages, and can become slightly yellow over time.  It is for this reason that we offer a ‘free top coat and polish forever!’ (This is limited to once per year).

Resin can become slightly dented and scratched over time if it subjected to knocks or bashes.  Avoid contact with harsh chemicals when wearing your resin jewellery.

It is advisable to store your resin jewellery out of direct sunlight, or heat of any kind.

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Clear Resin (Clear), Space Dust (Black), Blue (Blue), Aqua (Blue), Supernova (Blue), Blue Reflect (Blue), Copper (Brown), Hally's Comet (Brown), Natural Bronze (Brown), Green (Green), Green Reflect (Green), Pale Silver (Silver), Natural Silver (Silver), Magenta (Pink), Pink Reflect (Pink), Purple (Purple), Andromeda (Purple), Lilac Reflect (Purple), Deep Space (Purple), Nebula (Purple), Pale Gold (Gold), Gold (Gold), Rich Gold (Gold), Gold Reflect (Gold), Life on Mars (Red), Coral (Red), Gold Flake, Silver Flake, Copper Flake, Pink Opal, Lilac Opal, Green Opal, Mint Opal, Blue Opal, Peacock Opal, Interference Blue, Interference Green, Interference Pink, Interference Gold, Interference Red


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