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Little Stars and Moons Necklace

As part of our Starry Night Collection we have designed this necklace with your own ‘Little Stars’ in mind! Ideal for Mums and Grandmums; pick and choose as many birthstone or silver initial pendants as you like!

Little Stars and Moons Necklace

Choosing a Chain

We are offering four different lengths of chain for you to choose from:

  • 16 inches
  • 18 inches (our most popular length)
  • 20 inches
  • 22 inches

Building your Necklace

Mums love these necklaces with their children’s birthstones and initials on them.

You decide which pendant/s you would like, and you decide the order that you would like them attached.

We can hand stamp any initial onto any of our silver stars or moons.

For example, your children are called Edward and Sophie, Edward is born in March and Sophie is born in May.

You might like to choose an Aquamarine Star for March and a Silver Moon with an E stamped onto it. And you might also like to choose an Emerald Moon for May and a silver star with an S stamped onto it.

You can choose to have all birthstones on your necklace, or you could choose to have all silver, or any combination of the above!

Please choose the stars and moons that you would like, and don’t forget to type your initials into the text box.

Please message us with any questions you have.


  • January – Red Garnet
  • February – Purple Amethyst
  • March – Pale Green Aquamarine
  • April – Clear Quartz
  • May – Dark Green Emerald
  • June – White/ Blue Moonstone
  • July – Pink Ruby
  • August – Lime Green Peridot
  • September – Blue Sapphire
  • October – Pink Opal
  • November – Yellow Imperial Topaz
  • December – Blue Turquoise (Howlite).

Choosing Pendants

After selecting the length of chain, you can pick and choose from our collection of pendants. These include hand cut, fully faceted, little stars and moons in twelve birthstones. Every calendar month has a birthstone associated with it.

You can also choose between our sterling silver little stars and moons, these can be hand stamped with a family members initial.


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