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Family Birthstone Balls Single Drop Earring (add two for a pair)


Pick your own little birthstone balls to hang from as many drop earrings as you would like (add two for a pair). We sell our earrings individually, you can buy as many or as few as you need for the number of piercings in your ears. Choose a birthstone and this will appear at the top of the gallery.

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Pick and choose from as many different birthstones as you would like to!

We sell our earrings individually, you can buy as many or as few as you need for the number of piercings in your ears.

If you would like ‘a pair’ of earrings, please make sure you add two to your basket.  Your pair can be made up of any of our birthstones.

In our workshop, Mark casts the silver balls and solders the loop onto the top, he then sets your chosen birthstone.

Sam hand makes each individual earring for you in our Design Studio.

These are drop earrings with a hook fitting.

We also offer these little birthstone balls as a silver hoop earring with a post and butterfly fitting.


  • January – Red Garnet, Pink Garnet, Green Garnet
  • February – Light Purple Amethyst, Medium Purple Amethyst, Dark Purple Amethyst
  • March – Pale Blue Aquamarine, Medium Blue Aquamarine, Dark Blue Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond, Mossanite
  • May –  Light Green Emerald, Medium Green Emerald, Best Quality Green Emerald
  • June – White/ Blue Moonstone Cabochon, White/Blue Moonstone Cut, Blue/Green Alexandrite, White Pearl
  • July – Light Red Ruby, Dark Red Ruby, Best Quality Red Ruby
  • August – Lime Green Peridot, Best Quality Lime Green Peridot
  • September – Light Pink Sapphire, Dark Pink Sapphire, Light Blue Sapphire, Medium Blue Sapphire, Best Quality Sapphire
  • October – Blue/Green Opal, Pink/Red Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline
  • November – Light Blue Topaz, Medium Blue Topaz, Dark Blue Topaz
  • December – Light Purple Tanzanite, Dark Tanzanite, Best Quality Tanzanite

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January – Red Garnet, January – Pink Garnet, January – Green Garnet, February – Light Purple Amethyst, February – Medium Purple Amethyst, February – Dark Purple Amethyst, March – Pale Blue Aquamarine, March – Medium Blue Aquamarine, March – Dark Blue Aquamarine, April – Diamond, April – Mossanite , May –  Light Green Emerald, May – Medium Green Emerald, May – Best Quality Green Emerald, June – White/ Blue Moonstone Cabochon, June – White/Blue Moonstone Cut, June – Blue/Green Alexandrite, June – White Pearl, July – Light Red Ruby, July – Dark Red Ruby, July – Best Quality Red Ruby, August – Lime Green Peridot, August – Best Quality Lime Green Peridot, September – Light Pink Sapphire, September – Dark Pink Sapphire, September – Light Blue Sapphire, September – Medium Blue Sapphire, September – Best Quality Sapphire, October – Blue/Green Opal, October – Pink/Red Opal, October – Pink Tourmaline, October – Green Tourmaline, November – Light Blue Topaz, November – Medium Blue Topaz, November – Dark Blue Topaz, December – Light Purple Tanzanite, December – Dark Tanzanite, December – Best Quality Tanzanite


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