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Anti-Stress Spinning Healing Crystal Single Hoop Earring, Choose your Favourite Healing Crystal, (add two for a pair)


Interchangeable Spinning Healing Crystal Hoop Earring (add two for a pair). Pick your healing crystal to hang from as many drop earrings as you would like!  We sell our earrings individually, you can buy as many or as few as you need for the number of piercings in your ears.
Choose a crystal from the drop down menu and it will show at the top of the gallery.

For example; Fluorite comes in purple or green, Carnelian can be light or dark orange. Lace Agate can have many stripes or just a few, Snowflake Obsidian can be very patterned or look plainer.

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Anti-Stress Spinning Healing Crystal Single Hoop Earring. This listing is for one earring hoop and one healing crystal of your choice (one complete earring).
All of our earrings are sold individually, because you don’t have to look the same to be a pair!
These are hoop earrings, your handmade healing crystal earring hangs from a sterling silver hoop and butterfly fitting.

If you would like ‘a pair’ of earrings, please make sure you add two to your basket.  Your pair can be made up of any of our healing crystals.

Our unique rivet system allows your healing crystal to spin within its setting.
Mark casts these in silver in our Workshop, and Sam hand makes your earring in our Design Studio.

As well as the healing properties of your chosen crystal, our clever rivet system allows your crystal to spin in its setting, this is great for anxiety sufferers and stressful situations.

Your collection of healing crystal earrings can be as large or as small as you would like!
We offer 22 healing crystals, with the following properties…

Sleep, anxiety and depression

Rutilated Quartz – Help ease sleep problems, creativity and originality, eases depression and strengthens emotions.

Labradorite – Clears anxiety, helps with healthy digestion, stabilises mood.

Yellow Citrine – Brings energy, helps the thyroid, released anger and tension, boost self-esteem and brings happiness.

Tiger Eye – Vitality, increasing self-confidence, alleviate anxiety, improves seasonal depression.

Ruby Zoisite – Fights depression, boosts immune system, helps blood circulation and brings happiness.

Lapis Lazuli – eases insomnia, helps with feelings of depression, boosts immunity and soothes inflammation.


Hematite – for circulation, strength, repelling negativity, detoxifies body, improve blood pressure.

Blue Apatite – Improve Focus, healing bones, soothes headaches, enhances communication and helpful for hyperactivity.

Black Agate – Treats dizziness and headaches, courage, prosperity and eases nausea.


Blue Sodalite – for emotional balance, mental clarity, self-esteem and communication.

Clear Quartz – for mental clarity, calmness, emotional stability, repels negative energy.


Amethyst – Clears the mind, Calm and clarity, balances mood swings and regulates hormones.

Green Agate – Increases compassion, improves decision making, removes negative energy and enhances emotional flexibility.

Snowflake Obsidian – Slows the mind, keeps focus, balance, dissolves shock, fear and trauma.


Red Jasper – Balance, calms emotions, grounding energy, strengthens circulatory system.

Green Lace Agate – for success, creativity, confidence and compatibility.

Fluorite Quartz – balance, positivity, coordination and concentration.

Goldstone – positivity, grounding, reduces tension and fights inflammation.

Fertility and Pregnancy

Nephrite Jade – fertility, stability, peace, harmony and strength.

Orange Carnelian – combats fatigue, improves fertility, encourages creativity, balances energy levels.

Rose Quartz – Love, heals emotions, connection, friendship and protection in pregnancy.

Malachite – Rids body of toxins, balances mood swings, improves menstrual cramps and known as the ‘midwife stone’, relieving labour and pains associated with labour.

Additional information

Healing Crystal

Agate (Black), Agate (Green), Amethyst (Purple), Apatite (Blue), Carnelian (Orange), Citrine (Yellow), Fluorite (Green & Purple), Goldstone (Gold), Hematite (Silver), Jasper (Red), Labradorite (Grey & Blue), Lace Agate (Green), Lapis Lazuli (Blue & Gold), Malachite (Green), Nephrite Jade (Green), Quartz (Clear), Rose Quartz (Pink), Ruby Zoisite (Green & Pink), Rutilated Quartz (Yellow), Snowflake Obsidian (Black & White), Sodalite (Blue), Tiger Eye (Brown)


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