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Dried Flowers, Magnifying Quartz Gemstone Signet Ring in Silver, Celebration and Memorial


Our dried flowers magnifying quartz signet ring in silver, celebration and memorial. Your flowers last forever, inside our signet ring. A magnifying quartz is set over the top. You choose from clear rock quartz, light purple amethyst, green quartz, yellow quartz, sky blue topaz.

Clear Rock Quartz is our most popular gemstone for this ring.

If you are unsure of your finger size, please select to have a gauge posted to you. If your finger size turns out to be small, we will refund the difference to you.

Please think about whether you would like all capital letters (EMMA) or a mixture of upper and lower case (Emma). Type it out exactly as you would like it laser engraved.

There is a link to sample engraving fonts in the main description

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Our dried flowers quartz gemstone signet ring in silver. Your flowers last forever. Celebrate and remember a special occasion or day; a wedding, a funeral, a special birthday, a wedding anniversary, a honeymoon…..

Sam can professionally dry your flower and set it in clear resin underneath a magnifying quartz gemstone. We offer a clear rock quartz (our most popular option) or green quartz, yellow quartz, sky blue topaz, light amethyst, (photographed in this order further down).

Your dried flowers are respectfully hand placed inside our ring, Sam uses the very best clear resin to protect them, securing and sealing them inside. Then your gemstone is set over the top, displaying your beautiful flowers and magnifying them.

This ring holds a 12mm round cabochon gemstone.

You can choose to have laser engraving on the shoulders or to leave your ring simply polished.

You can view some sample engraving fonts here Engraving Fonts 

We created this clever design in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and cast these to order, with your gemstone set over the top.

In our workshop Mark polishes your silver to a high shine, ready for your dried flowers to be hand placed by Sam. He will then set your gemstone to finish.

Sam can work with many precious inclusions including; ashes, hair, fur, dried flowers, gravesite soil, pebbles, sand, feathers, material, lace, breast milk.

She can professionally dry your flowers, and the cut heart confetti to fit inside.

Would you like us to post you a kit for sending your inclusions to us?  Please tick the box so that we know!  When your order is placed, we will post a kit out to you, please return this to us in the envelope supplied, then Sam will start working on your jewellery.  You are welcome to drop your inclusions to our Design Studio if you are local.

Clear rock quartz is our most popular choice of gemstone for this ring, we do also offer green quartz, yellow quartz, sky blue topaz, light amethyst, (photographed in this order below).

These gemstones offer a coloured tint to your inclusions. Please select your gemstone from the dropdown menu.

We offer a different product if you would prefer to hide any precious inclusions underneath a silver lid, this is shown below:

The one in the photos below shows the silver lid, and a rutilated quartz.

We can adjust this CAD design to suit you, we can make these with larger or smaller gemstones or a different shape. Louise can source a specific gemstone for you, if you have something in mind. Please email and she will be able to price your ring to your specifications.

Once we have received your order, Sam can post a finger gauge to you, to measure your finger size if you are unsure what size fits you. Please tick the box to let us know if you would like one posted, alternatively, you can pop into our Design Studio and we can measure your finger.

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