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Breast Milk Preservation


Preservation of breast milk into a powder that can then be used in resin jewellery.


We can only work with preserved breast milk. We are happy to do this for you, it can take a few weeks to preserve your breast milk into a powder that can be used in resin.

We can post a kit out to you for you to send us your breast milk – this can be fresh or frozen.

Please return your milk to us in the envelope supplied, then Sam will start preserving your milk.  You are welcome to drop your breast milk into our Design Studio if you are local.

Sam can preserve your breast milk from fresh or frozen, this process can take a few weeks, as your milk is turned from a liquid to a paste, and finally dried flakes that can be used in resin.

There is a charge for this of £35 per 5ml of breast milk preserved.  Any jewellery that you would like made is in addition to this.

We are unable to work with un-preserved milk.


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