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Birthstone Silver Bangle (medium weight)

A medium weight silver family birthstones bangle. Hand finished with family birthstones. A heavy version is also available.

Our silver birthstone bangle is made by hand in our workshop. Each family gemstone is hand picked especially for you.

We cast the little silver balls in our workshop and solder the setting and bail (top loop) on by hand.

After a good polish, Mark then handsets your chosen birthstone into it.

There are two ‘stoppers’ soldered into place on your bangle, this keeps your precious birthstones in place at the front.

Your family birthstones can include your children, grandchildren, fur babies, and other loved ones who complete your family.

  • January – Red Garnet, Pink Garnet, Green Garnet
  • February – Light Purple Amethyst, Medium Purple Amethyst, Dark Purple Amethyst
  • March – Pale Blue Aquamarine, Medium Blue Aquamarine, Dark Blue Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond, Mossanite
  • May –  Light Green Emerald, Medium Green Emerald, Best Quality Green Emerald
  • June – White/ Blue Moonstone Cabochon, White/Blue Moonstone Cut, Blue/Green Alexandrite, White Pearl
  • July – Light Red Ruby, Dark Red Ruby, Best Quality Red Ruby
  • August – Lime Green Peridot, Best Quality Lime Green Peridot
  • September – Light Pink Sapphire, Dark Pink Sapphire, Light Blue Sapphire, Medium Blue Sapphire, Best Quality Sapphire
  • October – Blue/Green Opal, Pink/Red Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline
  • November – Light Blue Topaz, Medium Blue Topaz, Dark Blue Topaz
  • December – Light Purple Tanzanite, Dark Tanzanite, Best Quality Tanzanite

We can add additional birthstones to your bangle over time, as your family grows.

You can post your bangle back to us or drop it in if you’re local to our Design Studio.

We can add in your additional family birthstones, check all of the others settings, clean and polish and return to you.

Birthstone Gems

Personalise your bangle with your family birthstones; each calendar month has a gemstone or two associated with it.














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